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Zeera its different detoxification uses

Zeera its different detoxification uses. Cumin is a spice /herb which is found in every Indian kitchen. Its tinge flavour and aroma liked by everyone in Indian dishes. There are many medicinal benefits of cumin seeds like it help in curing bloating, dyspepsia, digestive conditions. Cumin seeds are rich in calcium magnesium, iron and is also an antioxidants. Nutritive Value of Zeera is as Follow :- Various nutrients that are present in cumin are Energy (356 Kcal per 100grams), Carbohydrates (36.6 gm per 100grams), Proteins (18.7gm per100grams), Fat (15 gm per 100grams), Dietary Fibre (12.0 per 100grams), Vitamins like folate (10 microgm per 100 grams), Niacin (2.6mg per 100grams), , Riboflavin (0.36mg per 100grams), Thiamine (0.55mg per 100grams), Vitamin A (522microgm per 100grams),Vitamin C (3mg per 100grams). It also contains Sodium (126mg per 100 grams), Potassium (980mg per 100grams).

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